Alex Jønsson (born 1985) is an award winning Danish guitarist, composer and improviser.

He has been greatly recognized for his Nordic and melancholic expression – both as a composer and a soloist – and has toured in most of Europe as well as in India.

Most people will know him from orchestras like I Think You’re Awesome, Mirja Klippel and Bagland. Yet, in recent years, as a composer and a bandleader, Alex Jønsson has raised his profile as one of the most interesting jazz guitarists on the modern scene.

He has released four albums as a leader, played on a number of significant releases and has been nominated for a Danish Music Award Jazz no less than nine times!
Biography (photo by Simon Skipper)
“It’s unhurried, expansive music that nevertheless never lacks momentum and tension.”
London Jazz News, ENGLAND

“…a lyrical and refreshingly twisted player.”
Downbeat Magazine, USA

“I’m not sure what it is with these young Danes but for me they are hitting the sweet spot at the moment.”
thejazzbreakfast, ENGLAND

”Alex’s playing is full of emotion and has a refined maturity beyond his years.”

“It is not difficult to understand why the Aarhus lad is considered one of the leading guitarists in Denmark.”
Fyens Stiftstidende, DENMARK

“Jønssons loose compositions revolve around a strong melodic core, sometimes even a haunting theme, that manages to grow on the listener with every new listening.”
salt peanuts, NORWAY

“Jønsson and his trio just know it: The greatest beauty lays in simplicity.“
Jazz Podium, GERMANY

“Jønsson’s guitar is circling effortlessly around simple and beautiful melodies to create haunting moments once improvisation and melodies collide.”
Mos Eisley, GERMANY
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