I Think You’re Awesome

I Think You’re Awesome offers a fresh, genre bending take on modern music with their intoxicating blend of Americana, African rhythms, Nordic roots and indie pop. 

With sold-out concerts all over their native Denmark, multiple nominations for Danish Music Awards Jazz and close to one million streams on Spotify, they have made a solid mark on the Danish and international jazz scene.

Besides playing as their core sextet, they have made lots of collaborations – from the classical string quartet Taïga to the renowned big band Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, with whom they’ll released yet another album, the suite ‘The Good Fight’, in spring 2022.

I Think You’re Awesome is pure unrestricted music and good vibes. Energetic and welcoming live shows with a great dose of virtuosity and a unique band sound.

Line-up: Jens Mikkel Madsen (bs), Alex Jønsson (gtr), Morten Kærup (gtr/banjo), Lars Fiil (keys), Frej Lesner (perc/electronics), Andreas Skamby (drm).

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