Alex Jønsson: guitar
Lars Greve: clarinets & saxophone
Christian Windfeld: drums

All compositions by Alex Jønsson

The album is financially supported by DJBFA, Aarhus Kommune, Danish Actor’s Association’s Gramex Fund and Danish Actor’s Association’s Production Fund.


01. The Lost Moose (4.15)
02. Niðaróss (4.16)
03. A Day in Bleik (3.35)
04. Twelve Is a Blues (0.19)
05. Who Are You to Judge? (5.05)
06. Apple Pie (3.15)
07. Nesøya (4.53)
08. Afraid of Heights (2.00)
09. Out of Aspirin (2.53)
10. Näkemiin (4.05)


Released May 6, 2013

(5/6) - "He was nominated for a Danish Music Award 2013 as 'Best New Jazz Act' and very well deserved, as his music is personal and breathtaking. (...) It is three excellent musicians who are able to stimulate an individual as well as a collective creativity."
- Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske (DK) - 2014

“From the fabling “Apple Pie” over the playful sounds of “Nesøya” (…) a musical pallet of intelligence and sensitivity unfolds.”
- Bjarne Søltoft, Jazzspecial (DK) - 2013

“Jønsson plays elegantly and beautifully on his guitar, where simplicity and feeling precedes technical finesse.”
- Jens Holmberg, (SE) - 2013

"With this pedigree behind him already, in The Lost Moose he has created a distinctive distant world, one in which to lose yourself, one which leaves you enriched by its gentleness and space. Highly recommended.
- Mary James, (UK) - 2013

"It feels as if time and space disappears (…) it is big and very beautiful."
- Niels Overgaard, Jazznyt (DK) - 2013

“a new kind of jazz”
- Andreas Lagercrantz, Lira (SE) - 2013

"Jønsson’s playing has a delicate sound control and reaches into a deep musical truth."
- Bjarne Søltoft, Jazznytt (NO) - 2013

"A promising debut from a young trio that already has a voice of its own."
- Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz (US) - 2013

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