I Think You’re Awesome:
Andreas Skamby: drums
Kasper Staub: würlitzer and juno
Alex Jønsson: guitar (right side)
Morten Kærup Hjort: guitar (left side) & banjo
Jens Mikkel Madsen: double bass

Additional musicians:
Jens Bang: trombone
Scott Westh: trumpet
Maria Edlund: cello

All compositions by Jens Mikkel Madsen


Side A
1. Be Kind To Your Neurosis
2. Girls With Radical Haircuts
3. Jeg Vil Ik’ Hjem (feat. Scott Westh)


Side B
1. I Think You’re Awesome (feat. Scott Westh og Jens Bang)
2. MorgenFunk (feat. Scott Westh og Jens Bang)
3. Schwartzwald (feat. Maria Edlund)

Released March 1, 2014

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