Lars Fiil: keys and piano
Alex Jønsson: guitars, mandolin on #5
Morten Kærup Hjort: guitars & banjo
Frej Lesner: percussion and electronics
Andreas Skamby: drums
Jens Mikkel Madsen: electric and acoustic bass, vocals

Mirja Klippel: backing vocals on #2 and #5
Maria Malmø: backing vocals on #3 and #6
Chappe: sax on #3
Maria Isabel Edlund: cello on #3
Mathias Jæger: keys and piano on #3
Christian Vuust: sax on #6

All compositions by Jens Mikkel Madsen


1. Bill
2. Warm Milk
3. Spring
4. Rebel Without Applause
5. Cheers
6. The Same Way As You Walk
7. America
8. Anxiety


Released March 1, 2018

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