Jakob Sørensen: trumpet
Alex Jønsson: guitar
Jens Mikkel Madsen: double bass

Compositions by:
Track 1 & 4, Jens Mikkel Madsen
Track 2, 5 & 7, Alex Jønsson
Track 3, 6 & 8, Jakob Sørensen


01. Øresund, Baby
02. Dark Blue
03. Detecting Turtles
04. Girls with Radical Haircuts
05. Dear Deer
06. Paul
07. Mme. Joseph Perraud
08. Alfons

Released July 1, 2013

”The dusty and pleasant trumpet of Sørensen, the pulse generating bass of Madsen and the open guitar playing of Jønsson is all together creating a trio, which after the 10th playing of the record, still sound as cool as the first time I heard it.”
- Niels Overgaard, Jazznyt (DK) - 2013


“An unusual combination of instruments – trumpet, guitar and double bass – creating a cool, consistent and spacious chamber sound, inspired by their native land, with beautiful compositions that hang around in your head.”
- Mary James, (UK) - 2013

“Elliott offers beautiful, disarming music that lingers in the mind.”
- Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz (US) - 2013

"Great music with great attention, without added frills! (*****)"
- Peter Dobšinský, Skjazz (Slovakia) - 2016

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