Alex Jønsson: guitar
Jens Mikkel Madsen: bass
Andreas Skamby: drums

All compositions by Alex Jønsson

The album is financially supported by Koda’s Cultural Funds, Danish Artist Union and Danish Soloist Union.


01. Heathland
02. Stillness
03. …and Darkness Crept In
04. Out of Shape
05. Icicles
06. The Sun Is Slowly Rising
07. Paul
08. Re: Herr Sehr Schwer
09. Emu


Released February 6th, 2020.

“Jønsson has created a beautiful, dynamic and varied album… Heathland might very well be one of this years strongest guitar albums.”
– Jazz Special, DENMARK – 2020

“It’s unhurried, expansive music that nevertheless never lacks momentum and tension.”
LondonJazz News, ENGLAND – 2020

“Jønsson and his trio just know it: The greatest beauty lays in simplicity.“
– Jazz Podium, GERMANY – 2020

“The soft moments on this album are beautiful in their vulnerability and poetic in their nuance… Alex’s playing is full of emotion and has a refined maturity beyond his years.”
UK Vibe, ENGLAND – 2020

“…honest music of genuine, authentic character.”
Textura, CANADA – 2020

“…a fascinating album”
Jazzrytmit, FINLAND – 2020

“Heathland presents a satisfying program, with great dynamic and timbral range.”
All About Jazz, USA – 2020

“…a narrative and coherent album.”
Jazznyt, DENMARK – 2020

“A quirky musical world I enjoy being in”
Lira Musikmagasin, SWEDEN – 2020

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